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Customized Alkali Metal Vapor Cell

Digital Optics Technologies presents the alkali metal oven/gain cell.  This device can house an alkali metal in the oven (base) and this metal is to be heated to reach the desired vapor density at the windows to allow the cell to act as a source of gain within the laser cavity.  This device can be attached to a vacuum system via 1.33” conflat flanges.  The alkali metal oven/gain cell is primarily designed for DPAL cavities.







Each order will be custom-made to fit the customer's design specifications. We now offer systems in two basic configurations: The first is a standard system designed for operation with a static gas fill; the second is a system with a sealed, magnetically-driven blower for circulation of the buffer gas.

Options include window coatings (dependent on the specific alkali that will be used), heaters, and temperature controllers.

Information that will need to be given in order for the product to be priced and manufactured is as follows:

Basic configuration (static or circulating)

Length of the gain cell (no minimum)

Aperture size [window size 7/8" or 2 5/8"]

Type of alkali metal to be used within the cell

1.33” conflat all metal valve

Desired options


If there are other features that need to be customized, please contact us. 


Once a quote and/or order is placed please allow lead time to fulfill the request due to the fact that each order is to be custom-made.

Customers outside the US: This product requires an export license. Obtaining this license will require the physical address (street number, city, and relevant postal codes) at which the system will be used. Projected delivery dates may be affected as well. 


For questions about this product or to get a quote that meets your needs, please contact us at










2 5/8" aperture size cell attached to a vacuum system










7/8" aperture cell










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