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S-500 Laser Controller and Servo

Our S-500 Laser Controller and Servo is a combination of our low-noise LC-500 Laser Current/TEC Controller combined with our LS-100 Laser Locking Servo in a single, rack-mount package.


Available as a standalone unit or with a narrow-linewidth DBR laser and mount.



S-500 Standalone Unit - 6400


Compatible laser modules and packages available for this unit and can be seen in the laser modules and packages tab.

LC-500 specs:

Laser Controller Specs:

Current Source:

Current Range 0-500 mA

Current Noise Density < 200 pA/√Hz

RMS Noise (10Hz-100kHz) < 100 nA

RMS Noise (10Hz-1MHz) < 150 nA

RMS Noise (10Hz-10MHz) < 500 nA

Monitor Resolution (Display) .1 mA

Absolute Accuracy 2 %

Temperature Coefficient < 1 µA/C


Current Servo Input:

Input Impedance 1000 Ω

Bandwidth > 10 MHz

Modulation Coefficient 1 mA/V

Input Modulation Range ± 10 V

RF Input Bandwidth 0.5 to > 3000 MHz


TEC Specs

Temperature Control Output Current: up to ±3.0 A

Temperature Stability: 0.00009 C (10 kΩ thermistor at 25 C) over one hour

Stability Across Ambient: 0.002 C (10 kΩ thermistor at 25 C) over one hour

LS-100 specs:
Modulation Frequency: 10kHz

Input Impedance: 50 Ω

Input Voltage: ±0.1V

Input Voltage Noise: < 5 nV / √ Hz

Output Voltage: ±10 V

Proportional Gain: 20 dB

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