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OPL-500 Offset Phase Lock Servo

  • Standalone servo for locking a slave laser at the desired frequency difference to a master laser

     OPL-500: $3350
     High speed detector: $995


OPL-500 Specs:
Bandwidth: 10MHz
Input Impedance: 50 Ω
Input Voltage: ±0.5 V
Input Voltage Noise: <5nV/√𝐻𝑧
Output Voltage Range: ±10 V
ωI (First Integrator): Off, 10 Hz - 200 kHz
ωPI (Second Integrator): Off, 100 Hz - 2 MHz
ωD (Differential): Off, 500 Hz - 10 MHz
Proportional Gain: -40 to +32 dB
Differential Gain: 5 to 15 dB
Auxiliary Servo Output Integral: 60 ms to 6 s
Monitors: DC & AC Error, Input, Ramp & Ramp TTL, Servo Output

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