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The innovative and groundbreaking research work at DOT has been supported by private investments as well as government support, in the form of SBIR and non-SBIR programs. Since its foundation in 1998, DOT has been supported by contracts from:


Missile Defense Agency (MDA)


Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)


Army Research Office (ARO)


Army Research Laboratory (ARL)


Office of Naval Research (ONR)


High Energy Laser – Joint Technology Office (HEL-JTO)


Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA)


DOT has pioneered the development of several key technologies. These include the development of a holographic beam combiner, a holographic spectrum analyzer, an optical network integration platform, and a holographic tri-stimulus filter for eye protection. It has also developed a holographic 3CCD camera and a polarimetric laser radar system.  Current research activities at DOT involve development of gyroscopes, accelerometers, atomic clocks, and laser beam combiners.


The areas of technical expertise at DOT include: Holography, Wavelength Division Multiplexing, Spectrum Analysis, LADAR, Polarimetry, Rotation Sensing, Accelerometry, Quantum Communication, Optical Communication, and Atomic Clocks.


For potential research collaborations on SBIR or STTR topics, please contact Dr. Jason Bonacum, Vice President of Research, at

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